TerraCana Completes Project Without Vibration Complaints

TerraCana is a foundation solutions company based in Richmond, British Columbia. TerraCana was tasked with installing the shoring piles for a 6-story multi-family building. 

The neighbor was concerned with the structure being built so close which posed issues for the initial shoring. After much back and forth, it was determined that shotcrete and micropile tie backs would not be accepted. TerraCana proposed an H-Pile system with shotcrete. 

The TerraCana team was able to install the H-Piles within 3' of the neighboring structure with a Movax SG-75V. Despite the owner being home, no complaints of vibrations were received. From mobilization to completion, the job was completed in a few days without any damage to the nearby structure. Ultimately allowing the project to stay on schedule.