Primco Uses SG-75V for Bridge Work

This project was the complete removal of the existing structure over a ditch and replacement with an aluminium 3-sided arch structure. The foundation required driving 14" diameter steel shell piling with a concrete footer for the structure to sit on. Overhead high-power electrical lines were running directly over the structure. This eliminated the ability to use a crane and pile hammers to install the piling. The Movax SG-75V was used on an excavator to install the piling. This reduced the height required for installation of the piling. Without use of the SG-75V, a project delay would've been incurred while waiting for the power lines to be de-energized or moved completely. 

SG75V is used to put in steel piling on bridge project

"Without the Movax SG-75V this project would not have been able to be built as designed." 
- Joe Thomas, Vice President of Operations & Estimator at Primco, Inc.