Our Pile Driving Solution


The SG-80VA has many of the features you've come to love in the SG-75V, like resonance-free start-up and shutdown, but now with variable active technology. 

The variable active moment optimizes the use of the excavator hydraulic power by maintaining the highest possible force in challenging soil conditions and preventing the formation of resonance frequencies throughout the piling process. The equipment smoothly reacts to the soil conditions and allows the best RPM for the current driving conditions. 

Technical DataSG-80VA
Weight (excl. adapter)
*weight depending on type of arms & clamps
Eccentric momentkgm8.1
Centrifugal force, maxkN800
Ground vibrationminimal
Resonance-free start/stopyes
Driving methodvibration
Swing/tilt angleo360/±45
Return pressure, maxbar5
Pressure settingbar350
Excavator classt33
Engine power, min, TIER IIIkW180
Engine power, min, TIER IVkW200

Suitable pile types include:

  • Sheet piles
  • H-beams
  • Timber piles
  • Tubular piles

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