PDCA Launches The Driven Pile Academy

PDCA's Associate Member Council has created a new, hands-on educational academy for the driven pile industry called the PDCA Contractors Foundation Institute (CFI): The Driven Pile Academy.

The Academy will cover set-up, stand-up and safety of your drive pile project, using impact hammers, vibratory hammers (conventional and excavator-mounted), swinging lead & offshore setups, piling rigs and more. Day 1 includes classroom lectures presented by driven pile industry experts and professional engineers from a variety of organizations including Hercules.

The CFI Driven Pile Academy is unique as it provides onsite training with a low instructor-to-student ratio. The intent is to education and provide hands-on training for contractors, engineers, designers, estimators, government employees, and others in the driven pile industry. 

Days 2 and 3 will include hands on training in the field. Participants will rotate through 7 stations including a station from HMC utilizing the Sonic Side Grip (SP80).

Learn more about the event here.