New Product Annoucement: Movax SG-80VA!


NEW Movax SG-80VA Offers Resonance Free operation!

HMC Continues to build on it's reputation for vibratory pile driving leadership with the new Movax SG-80VA attachment.

Hercules Machinery Corp. (HMC), a pioneer in construction and pile driving equipment solutions, proudly announces the launch of the Movax SG-80VA, a cutting-edge advancement in the field of pile driving and extraction. Engineered for superior performance, the SG-80VA integrates state-of-the-art automation, offering precision, efficiency, and environmental sustainability in foundational construction.

The transformational technology in the new unit is resonance free operation.  Movax variable active (VA) models are high frequency (2300-3000 rpm/38-50 Hz) vibratory pile drivers which enable resonance free start-up and shutdown and allow for the adjustment of eccentric movement and the amplitude during pile driving or extraction. 

Tom Dame, President of HMC, expressed his enthusiasm about the new addition, stating, "The introduction of the Movax SG-80VA marks a significant milestone for HMC and the construction industry. This unit isn’t just about advancing operations; it's about redefining the standards of construction excellence. We are proud to lead the way in innovation that not only meets but exceeds the demands of modern construction projects."

Key features of the Movax SG-80VA include its automated pile driving technology, real-time data monitoring capabilities, and an environmentally friendly design, making it a leading choice for construction professionals worldwide.

The Movax SG-80VA is now available for purchase. For more information on features, benefits, and how this new technology can transform your construction projects, visit or contact the HMC sales team directly at

Movax SG-80VA Product Details:

• Optimized use of excavator hydraulic power
-achieved by controlling the eccentric moment
• Maximum centrifugal force and optimum amplitude
- even in challenging soil conditions
• Resonance-free start and stop
▪ Minimized disturbances to surrounding structures and the excavator
• Reduced noise levels
• Low dynamic weight
▪ Higher amplitude
▪ Stable handling properties (due to lower overall weight).
• Optimised hydraulics
▪ High efficiency due to minimized system pressure losses.
▪ Possibility to maintain high efficiency during operation due to intelligent monitoring of critical parameters (temperatures, pressures)