HMC Featured in Piling Industry Canada

Hercules was featured in the December 2018 issue of Piling Industry Canada magazine. Below is the featured article.

Today’s Piling Challenges

Piling projects have gotten exponentially more complex as spaces constrict, buildings rise, and expectations grow. Especially complex projects pose a challenge: how to manage the logistics of equipment needed to complete pile driving and foundational projects. Site conditions have historically limited the type or the amount of equipment that can be brought in to tackle a project. Furthermore, the element of the unknown when driving soil can pose challenges on equipment selection. Changes in public expectations and environmental conditions have added to the list of piling challenges as well. Noise and vibratory restraints need to be considered with each project in which the public could be affected. Widespread infrastructure growth has spurred concerns with earthquake safety and building integrity. Buildings today need to be prepared for environmental disasters, designed to meet modern capacity expectations, and capable of withstanding periods of high stress. Remaining within scope and controlling costs while considering all of these requirements can seem impossible. Hercules Machinery Corporation (HMC) has a pile-driving solution to meet every challenge. Whether it be environmental or spatial, HMC has the tools necessary to complete a project within spec. An example of adaptability can be found with the Movax SG-75V, a high-frequency pile driver. It minimizes environmental disturbances through use of variable eccentric movement. The SG75V is fitted with heavy duty arms capable of driving sheet piles, H-piles, tubular steel piles, and much more.

Benefits of a Comprehensive Piling Solution

Piling solutions that factor in broad soil testing, adverse or compound piling conditions, and environmental limitations decrease project slowdowns. They can reduce wasted idle time in between equipment set up and take down. Adaptable and customizable machinery allows for fewer machines, higher-degree piling precision, and faster project completion. The piling industry has evolved into a competitive arena. Building projects are no longer single-faceted. Instead, project managers must consider and compare the costs and benefits of a great number of piling options. Without doubt, piling methods that can meet requirements of heightened loads and adapt to new materials and soil conditions have gained a competitive edge in a challenging market. Hercules Machinery Corporation has been providing comprehensive piling solutions for decades. As the industry has evolved, HMC has stayed one step ahead. HMC’s inventory of drills, hammers, and drivers features simple and strong design. Design optimized for continuous, strenuous operation. A comprehensive approach is recommended for any project that needs to remain within scope while remaining agile enough to overcome unexpected and sudden piling changes.

Real-world Impact

Modern and comprehensive piling solutions, such as those offered by HMC, result in safer buildings, less lifecycle costs, and fewer repairs. The ability to drive pile without affecting surrounding areas and communities leads to increased public and client satisfaction. Tool adaptability and flexibility is no longer an aspiration but a construction baseline. Hercules Machinery Corporation has an inventory of adaptable piling tools that complete the work of multiple traditional machines in less time and with less equipment. The H20 Hydraulic Hammer is easy to use and operate. With three energy settings, it is suitable for multiple pile driving requirements. Furthermore, it can drive load-bearing pile up to 197 tons. In addition to the H20, Hercules also has a wide selection of TAD drills, driving hammers, sidegrip vibratory drivers, and steel pipe piles. As the challenges of pile driving continue to evolve, a total piling solution is a necessity. Plans should include contingency for difficult soil and environmental conditions. They should factor in the limitations of space and disruptions of environments. Tools that limit noise, vibration, and waste soil while remaining adaptable to unique projects have a competitive edge over traditional and more costly piling equipment. Hercules Machinery Corporation continues to provide innovative foundation technology and the total piling solution

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