Our Pile Driving Solution


The TAD-32 can drill up to 30 feet. Other drills capable of this depth are dedicated drill rigs. The easy on and off excavator mount means when the drilling is done, the contractor has the excavator to work with.

TAD-32 Piling Drill


  • Excavator mounted auger drive attachments for cast in-situ piling and other earth drilling work.
  • Especially suitable for work in confined spaces while still being good at reaching over obstacles.
  • The telescopic design keeps the machine low and allows working on sites with limited headroom without compromising on drilling depth.
  • Hydraulically operated telescopic kelly bar with two extensions.
  • Available with different type of augers for normal soil conditions, hard clay, hard soil, etc. 
  • Controlled with MOVAX Control System (MCS), MCS Lite, MCS Pro or MCS Pro+auto
  • Reporting and documentation of piling works with M-logbook (optional, requires MCS Pro or MCS Pro+auto)
Technical Data
Weight w/o adapter and augerkg3200
Height w/o augermm3855
Return pressure, maxbar5
Oil flow ratel/min75 - 250
Max return pressurebar5
Hole depthm9
Hole diameter*mm400 - 1000
Drill speedrangerpm11 - 74
Side tilt angledegrees+/-30
Auger pressing forceN15000
Auger pulling forceN30000
Auger diametermm0

*Depending on soil conditions and tooling

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