Drill/Anchor Drives

Hercules Machinery carries a complete line of Pengo hydraulic drill & anchor drives

DV Series (Drilling) 

The DV series drilling drives are an excellent companion to the Pengo excavator auger line. These variable-speed models give you the capability of drilling holes 20 feet in depth and 6–7 feet in diameter in dirt and rocky conditions. 

DV Series

RV Series (Anchoring)

The RV series offers high torque performance up to 300,000 ft-lbs. These variable-speed models are designed specifically for screw pile anchor installation and are ideal for large jobs due to their ability to generate a high-level of sustained and consistent torque. Add a mount and the TruLink® Torque Monitor System for a complete installation attachment. 

RV Series

RT Series (Anchoring)

The RT series anchor drives are intended for use on 4T–24T excavators, depending on the drive size. These two-speed automatic shift drives are perfect for anchor installation projects when using a skid steer, mini excavator, backhoe or excavator. Add a mount and the TruLink® Torque Monitor System for a complete drive package.

RT Series

RS Series (Anchoring)

The RS series anchor drives are lightweight and offer the shortest overall length and smallest diameter, making them a perfect fit for any hand-held operation These single-speed drives can also be mounted to a skid steer or mini excavator and outfitted with the TruLink® Torque Monitor System to provide a complete anchor installation attachment. 

RS Series

DT Series (Drilling)

The DT series drilling drives, intended for use on 3T–6T and 12T–20T excavators, have an auto shift feature, allowing the drives to automatically shift between high-speed/low-torque and low-torque/high-speed, depending on the input flow. The DT series is capable of drilling holes 8–12 feet in depth and 5 feet in diameter. 

DT Series

CS Series (Drilling)

Pengo's latest addition to the Revolution Series drilling drives is the CS Series. These compact and lightweight single speed models, combined with a companion mount and auger, give you a complete Pengo auger package. 

CS Series