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Be flexible and quicker on the job site with the new Hercules Hydraulic Hammer (H3). The H3 is excavator mounted, saving time and money versus bringing in a crane. Excavator operators find the H3 easier to transport and maneuver for low head room or working in confined spaces. Start your pile with precision using the Sonic Side Grip and quickly finish with the Hercules Hydraulic Hammer with a quick five minute switch. Use the H3 to prove bearing for bridges or when there isn’t accessibility for a crane.

  • Running Position: 13.25 ft
  • Excavator Mounted – Hydraulically Powered
  • Hammer: 8,500 lbs Total Weight
  • Ram Weight: 3,000 lbs
  • 4′ Stroke
  • 19,200 foot pounds of energy
  • 15 Blows Per Minute @ 30 GPM
  • Multiple Drive Head Options: H-Beam, Sheeting, Timber

Discover how the H3 can transform your business. Call us today to find out how you can order an H3.

Download the Hercules Hydraulic Hammer Specification Sheet.