• Movax SG-75V

    Movax SG-75V

    Welcome to the Movax SG-75V, designed to match the capabilities of larger excavators, while combining robust structure and excellent pile handing. The Movax SG-75V is a high frequency pile driver with variable eccentric moment (*See Below). This minimizes the disturbance of surrounding environment by operating at a high frequency, and by avoiding an oscillation at natural […]

  • H3 Hydraulic Hammer

    H3 Hydraulic Hammer

    Be flexible and quicker on the job site with the new Hercules Hydraulic Hammer (H3). The H3 is excavator mounted, saving time and money versus bringing in a crane. Excavator operators find the H3 easier to transport and maneuver for low head room or working in confined spaces. Start your pile with precision using the […]

  • Leads


    HMC carries a full line of heavy-duty box leads, which accommodate diesel, hydraulic and air hammers and are made from 100% domestic steel. Other features include: Heavy wall high-strength structural box tube construction. Precision-fabricated in production jigs to ensure accurate connection alignment on site. Available in 10’ increments in swinging, fixed and sliding configurations. High […]

  • Conventional Pile Driving Equipment

    HMC sells and rents conventional pile driving equipment and accessories, including: Technical Assistance and Wave Equations Standard Vibratory Drivers/Extractors Hydraulic Impact Hammers Diesel Hammers Full line of hammer accessories Bases Inserts Cushion Material

  • EM Vibratory Hammers

    EM Vibratory Hammers

    HMC Excavator-Mounted Vibratory Hammer The new EM Series of vibratory pile driver/extractor represents the latest in high-frequency technology. HMC has led the industry in high-frequency vibratory pile hammer technology and now has brought the same technology to the excavator mount vibratory pile driver/extractor market. EM 60 Model Technical Specifications Recommended Carrier Weight 25T Max. Centrifugal […]

  • Movax Sonic SideGrip

    Movax Sonic SideGrip

    The Movax Sonic SideGrip® Vibratory Pile Driver is an excavator-mounted attachment with an articulating side grip that speeds the pile driving process on any job site. Manufactured in the U.S.A., the Sonic SideGrip® uses an excavator’s hydraulics to safely and quickly pick up, unload, place, drive and extract piling. This innovative pile driver is designed […]